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Hi, not sure if anyone would be me missing me during the long break that I had. And, is very long since the last update. Anyhow, sorry for disappearing and not updating anything on this blog and I am so sorry for all friends out there who left their track on Chat Box. I'll be sure to visit you guys back and read your awesome updates like I always do.

The reason is not as simple as what it seems; I am into FITNESS!! Yes, you read it right!! Now, I am the one that you will see posting everything regarding gyms or workout on Instagram (well, I promise to behave and not going overboard). After for I don't know how long that I don't do sports, jog and yoga. Now I'm hitting the gym. It is not that simple if I may say..hahha.. For few months (2 to 3months) I am only doing High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT). And I am doing it like mad, research all the info-graphic about Full Body Workout and Abs Workout and more. While doing some research, I came across to this website where Fitness Made Easy. They have tons of info-graphics, challenges and workout. What more, you can even workout at the office with all the office equipment that you have. It is really fun and healthy.

But the worst part is how you control your meal plans. This part, I struggles a lot and believe me or not, I almost loose my mind. Hahha, thats what you get when you have poor planning on your meal plans. Can you believe it, I totally cut rice for almost 3 months. Totally no rice at all. That is crazy but I manage it. I still think that my method is wrong and don't follow what I did. Please consult with Professional Fitness Trainer to help you as what it needs to achieve in a short period of time may be possible. Don't do it like what I did. It takes forever..hahahha.

After working out with my meal plans at I am happy how it goes and the most important part is, I am still sane:) . Then I watch on Youtube on how you train at home without gym equipment and thanks to that, there are tons of videos from a professional Fitness Trainer's channel such as OFFICIALTHENX, Jordan Yeph Fitness, Frank Medrano, Yassin Workout, Rohit Khatri Fitness, ATHLEAN-X and many more just to name a few. Then I notice that I am more interested in Calisthenics as you can easily(quite hard, not easy, trust me) train at home or at a park near your neighborhood. To be honest, was doing SAITAMA's physical exercise for a month which is 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats (except jogging as I hurt my ankle real bad when I was 15). The results are good but I decided to challenge myself. To be honest, when you see the were like,..lets do more..lets do this..if you understand what I mean.

I'm hitting the gym, the first time I entered was like...what the hell am I doing here..I dont even know how to use any of the machine (properly as the are some breathing technique which needed to be known before jumping in). I do what I did best, sitting right at the corner and start surfing the net. And from there; I came across with a very interesting channels such as: , Mike O'Hearn , Pietro Boselli , Connor Murphy Vlogs , Mike Thurston , Buff Dudes , Jeff Seid 
any many more. So, my gym started and hopefully I will reach my goals. YEAH! Still, I can't believe that I'm hitting the gym now,.to be honest, working out in the gym is not as easy as I think it would be. There are times when I need to push myself harder to do more reps and more sets. The moment you think "This is enough"..thats it,..motivation will drop and few excuses will come up. maybe I am wrong in saying this but pushing limits into the gym gives me some satisfaction that I have done more than enough.

So, that is all about it. slightly a bit short on the updates.

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  1. I admit it is very hard controlling meal intake and also to discipline on daily workout - I've been failed on these two, haha but now im slowly regain all fitness plan especially about intermittent fast. I hope this will kickstart my healthy habit. :D

    Good luck on your gym routine.

  2. Assalamualaikum.. Salam ukwah dari saya untuk anda..
    Jom follow blog
    . Tinggalkan komen dan saya akan cuba membalas komen anda..
    . Saya akan berusaha membalas kunjungan anda jika berkesempatan..
    . Komen yang baik2 sahaja ye..
    . Semoga ikatan ukhwah kita akan berterusan..
    Terima kasih sekali lagi.

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